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3 Proactive Strategies to Boost Your Career

Dreaming of that career boost or next promotion?

Feeling stuck in your role even though you're working hard and wondering what more you can do?

If so, you’ve landed on the right post! 

I've been where you are. I’ve worked tirelessly to show my worth and climb the ladder. And as a CEO, I've also been on the other side, giving out those promotions. I've learned a lot from both experiences. In this post, I'm excited to share with you some key strategies that can help boost your career. 

3 Proactive Strategies to Boost Your Career

3 proactive strategies to boost your career

Securing a promotion and achieving the next level in your career isn't an event - it's a process that takes time and constant attention. Here are some key strategies you can implement today to boost your career: 

1. Do the dirty work

Ever notice how some folks are always in a rush for the next promotion without really mastering their current role? Here's a little secret: diving deep into your field or craft early in your career and as you progress can make a huge difference. Don't shy away from getting your hands dirty, tackling real challenges, and soaking up every detail and nuance along the way. This willingness to do the dirty work will give you hands-on experience that builds invaluable instincts that are hard to get any other way.

Once you're in a leadership position, these instincts can become your superpower, helping you make swift accurate decisions. My journey involved designing hardware circuits, spending long hours at the lab bench, and even assembling a computer back in 1975. Each layer of experience sharpened my instincts and proved invaluable as I transitioned to new roles, like leading a software company as CEO.

2. Look for the white spaces  

There are innumerable opportunities for you to pursue in this world. The problem can be that the most talked-about ones are often the most competitive. The secret? Look for the "white spaces" – those new opportunities in areas that haven't been explored or mastered yet. Being an early bird in these niches means less competition/more room to maneuver and a chance to become a pioneer. With technology evolving daily, new doors open all the time, inviting you to step in without having to elbow your way through a crowd of experts.

Don't hesitate to raise your hand for new projects or extra tasks, especially in exciting, emerging fields. It might mean more work now, but it will pay off. When I was a brand-new graduate, I realized I could combine a microprocessor with a traditional manual semiconductor chip tester. And I made it happen. My boss took notice of my creativity, willingness to experiment with new ideas, and ability to deliver results. Suddenly, I was their go-to "microprocessor expert." Like me, you can fast-track your way to becoming an expert by daring to venture into the new and unknown. 

3. Sell your vision  

Once you've identified a new and unclaimed area, whether in a big corporation or a startup, taking ownership is crucial. Develop a strategy for how you'll bring your vision to life, regardless of your role. Then, pitch your ideas with confidence to whoever is in charge, be it your boss or another key figure. Enlist supporters who can help you realize your goals. My first sales experience came when I pitched my vision of going to school while I was on public assistance to my welfare caseworker. It worked, and that willingness to take risks and work hard to bring a vision to life has served me well throughout my career.


The journey to boost your career or earn that coveted promotion is less about waiting for opportunities to land in your lap and more about creating them for yourself. By immersing yourself in your current role, seeking out untapped areas, and confidently promoting your innovative ideas, you set the stage to accelerate your career. Each strategy we've discussed is a step toward making yourself indispensable, becoming a pioneer in your field, and positioning yourself as the obvious choice for the next promotion. So, dive in, embrace these strategies, and watch as doors begin to open for you. 

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