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So You Want to Join a Board?

Updated: Apr 2

Have you reached a point in your career where you’ve amassed a strong network of connections and tremendous breadth and depth of knowledge in your area of expertise, industry, and markets? If so, then you're a perfect candidate to join a company’s board of directors. Joining a board can be a wonderful opportunity and exciting experience, but how do you begin? 

So you want to join a board?

So you want to join a board? 

If the answer is yes, you're probably wondering how to join a board. Here are some tips that have helped me find success as a board member:

Know yourself

Begin by asking yourself these questions: 

  • What unique value do I bring to a board? 

Then, identify your strengths, whether in finance, operations, sales, marketing, or other areas. Just like crafting a resume summary, create a clear picture of what you offer. Identify gaps or “white spaces”  in boards where your skills could fill a crucial role.

Inform your network that you want to join a board

When you’re ready to join a board, reach out to your contacts. As you do when looking for a new job, inform your network of your interest in board positions. They may know of available board positions or have connections to board opportunities you weren’t aware of. You never know what can happen when you lean on your network for help. 

Expand your reach with recruiters

To broaden your search, leverage recruiters specializing in board placements. I learned of a wonderfully rewarding board opportunity, Skyworks Solutions, through a head hunter. Although it turns out I knew a number of the current board members, it was the recruiter who made the opportunity known to me. These professionals often have access to exclusive opportunities and can help connect you with suitable board positions. Both mainstream and boutique recruiters can assist in your quest for a board seat. And don't forget to leverage board organizations like the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD).


Remind yourself that your wealth of experience and expertise are valuable assets that can drive organizational growth and success. So, leverage your skills, connections, and resources to secure a board position and make a meaningful impact. You've got this! 

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